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Events & News - Nov 30

CSGA Events

Thursday, December 7, 7-9 PM

General Meeting

to discuss a Strategic Plan for the CSGA

at Annapolis Friends Meeting House

Events of Interest to CSGA

Dec 3, 10 AM - UMBC Engineering Building, Baltimore

Dec 3, 2:30 PM - Cedar Lane Unitarian Universalist Church, Bethesda

Be a Climate Hero! / Audubon's Green Leaders

Dec 5, 5:30 PM - Hampstead Hill Academy, Baltimore

FracTracker Training / We Are Cove Point

Dec 6, 6:30 PM - Calvert Library, Solomons

Dec 6, 6:30 PM - National Museum of Natural History, Washington

Meeting / Annapolis Environmental Commission

Dec 6, 7 PM - 145 Gorman Ave, Annapolis

Stop the Potomac Pipeline / Greenbelt Climate Action Network

Dec 6, 7 PM - Greenbelt Community Center, Greenbelt

KidWind Challenge 2018 / Center for Wind Energy at James Madison University

Dec 9, 10 AM - American Wind Energy Association, Washington

Monthly Chapter Meeting / Citizens Climate Lobby - Annapolis

Dec 9, 12:30 PM - Unitarian Universalist Church, Annapolis

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

Leonard Higgins, the "valve turner"; who shut down a tar sands pipeline in Montana last year, was found guilty of a felony charge on Wednesday.

Scientists are concerned that heat waves could be linked to more premature births and stillbirths.

Ethanol plant is 1 of 17 large-scale operations in the world, but some are skeptical of costs when cheaper options like natural gas, wind and solar exist.

The Pilgrims gave thanks for a change in weather, but didn’t thrive until they changed, too.

ExxonMobil Corp. and seven other energy firms have teamed up to tackle natural gas sector greenhouse gas emissions, the companies announced on Wednesday.

"This isn't only about Trump's antipathy toward non-white immigrants," she writes. "We may also be witnessing a particularly brutal form of climate change adaptation."

Nearly a third of the carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere annually can be traced back to bacteria living in the soil, where they break down plant and animal matter for energy.

We must act now to prevent climate-change-related calamity.

As global warming exacerbates drought and floods, farmers’ incomes plunge – and girls as young as 13 are given away to stave off poverty.

Robert Jay Lifton studied Nazi doctors and the threat of nuclear annihilation. But global warming changed everything.

How has climate change influenced the artwork of people living in the arctic, and what lessons can we learn from these artists?

By the time climate change is no longer a long-term threat, it will be too late.

The company’s decline is readily apparent – but if the billionaire brothers’ other interests are a guide, their investment will be about more than money.

Symposium mulls ‘climate change’ -

A Texas Water Symposium titled “Climate and Water in Central Texas: Planning for a Changing Resource,” was held earlier in November at Schreiner University and recorded for broadcasting on Texas Public Radio.

Stephan Anemüller details how an advertising campaign around the effects of climate change encouraged Cologne's citizens to adopt public transit methods.

The true potential to combat climate change will be achieved when once human ingenuity and the resource efficiency of the market are fully tapped.

Worrying disconnect between emissions rhetoric and real-world trends highlights urgent need for nations to honour their pledges.

Anglo-Dutch giant to spend $2bn on wind power, biofuels and electric cars as it bows to shareholder pressure by setting new company climate change target.

The president's court picks could help his climate legacy endure long after Trump leaves office.

Now you'll be ready to talk climate at the holidays.

“There may be emotional safety in talking about your story at a physical remove from where it unfolded. But it is far more enlightening — and personally rewarding — to be there.”

After years of budget and political pressure, some climate scientists are changing the way they describe their research, and avoiding the term "climate change."

The Trump administration took a small step toward addressing climate change last week -- it just didn’t put it quite in those words.

Vanguard is taking climate change seriously.

A new study released by the Oeko-Tex Association revealed that climate change is a top concern for consumers.

Nags Head’s struggle with severe beach erosion and litigious homeowners offers a preview of what’s to come as storms and rising seas hit communities from Maine to Texas.

A new fuel price calculator estimates the impacts of a US carbon tax on the prices of various types of fossil fuels.

President Donald Trump’s administration is trying to figure out ways of keeping financially ailing coal power plants from closing.

Dana Nuccitelli: How climate denial blogs misinform so many people with such poor scientific arguments.

Even though repeated promises of a seawall have failed to materialize, teen and Tangier’s other residents refuse to give up hope.

“We’re looking at the end of the principal financing mechanism that has fostered growth of the renewable energy sector since the 1990s.”

A proposed plan to close California’s last nuclear plant gets harshly criticized.

Myers's acceptance of the human role in climate change marks a clean break from other members of the Trump administration.

National parks are usually selected for their beauty. But what if the Meadowlands became a place to showcase the dangers of–and solutions to–climate change.

Evelyn Rydz says her interactive project is a meditation on daily, seemingly small decisions with global impacts.

North Carolina filmmaker Dayna Reggero is leading a new conversation about the impact of climate change.

Coastal communities from Maine to California have been put on notice from one of the top credit rating agencies: Start preparing for climate change or risk losing access to cheap credit.

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