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Take ACTION to address climate change.


Doing something about climate change is critical.  Climate Stewards take action by working with decision-makers, eductating the public, educating ourselves, and contributing to wider community and nationally-based activities.  Below are some of our current programs.  You can also check out our CALENDAR for upcoming events and advocacy initiatives.

What can we do at home, in our neighborhoods, at work, and in our communities to help address climate change.
  • Reducing your carbon footprint at home.

  • Write to your representative & Letters to the Editor.

  • Support organizations doing good work!

  • Educate yourself.

  • Learn an easy climate pitch to help others understand

When we come together, we become more than the sum of our parts.  Team spirit, shared knowledge, and pooling resources are just a few reasons we work together to make a change.

Photograph: Jean-Pierre Hallet

  • Small group visits to State and National Representatives

  • Participation in local and national demonstrations

  • Capacity building workshops

  • Invited speaker events

  • Rallies

  • Art projects & Out-of-the-box public action

  • Divest from the fossil fuel industry

Climate Stewards Individual Initiatives

Many of our members have some remarkable initiatives that they have started and pursue with great dedication.  Click on the links below to see some interviews and read a bit about what they are doing!


Bob Bruniga:  Solar Electricity & his electric car!


Wilfred Candler


Phil Favero


Ana Maria Kleymeyer:  Raising Awareness with the Arts


Climate Stewards GROUP Initiatives

We are currently organizing and carrying out a number of group visits to Maryland State representatives, in the local house of representatives and in the U.S. House and Senate. We speak with them about their involvement and support for climate change initiatives.  Find out more here >>





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