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Education and Information are the foundations of action

Addressing climate change

We no longer live in a world where climate change is a possibility, but rather a reality.  No matter how much we do to mitigate global greenhouse gas emissions, many places and people in the world are already feeling the impacts of climate change. As caring citizens of this planet, we must approach the issue on two fronts:  1. continue reducing our GHG emissions to minimize climate change and 2. help our communities and others adapt to the oncoming impacts, especially the most vulnerable and the poor. [Find out more about how the countries of the world are working to take on both of these major challenges by checking out WEADAPT:]


Education and information are seeds that grow into awareness and action. It is essential to spread the word about what climate change is and what can be done to address it.  Climate Stewards work together to support individual and community approaches to reducing the causes of climate change. 


Want to know a few things you can do at home and at work to reduce your "Carbon Footprint"     (your individual contribution to Greenhouse Gas Emissions).  

Meetings for Learning videos.
If you missed a meeting for learning on a topic you are interested in, the following meetings have been recorded.  

11.17.18 - Speakers: Micheal Locklear; Alexis Baden-Mayer, Organic Consumers Associtaino; Alan Cohen, BioLogical Pest Management   Subject: Creating Healthy Soils - Overcoming the Damage of Roundup

09.27.18 - Speakers: Dr. Shahir Masri and Athina Simolaris, On the Road for Climate Action!  Subject: Climate Action

07.26.18 - Speakers: Malinda Clatterbuck, Lancaster Against Pipelines; Tracy Cannon, Eastern Panhandle Protectors; Cristi Demnowicz, No Eastern Shore Pipeline   Subject: How Pipeline Affect Communities

06.21.18 - Speaker: St. John Martin  Subject: The Climate Apocalypse

03.15.18 - Speakers: Gavin Buckley, Mayor of Annapolis and Rob Savidge, Annapolis Alderman for Ward 7

02.15.18 - Speaker: Phil Jakobsberg, Climate XChange Maryland  Subject: Putting a Price on Carbon in Maryland

01.25.18 - Speaker: Paul Sarbanes, US Representative for the 4th District of Maryland; Moderator: Vincent DeMarco, Maryland Citizens' Health Initiative     Subject: Medicaid

11.18.17 - Speakers: Michael Locklear, Soil Consultant; Lori Arguelles, Alice Ferguson Foundation; and Susan Payne, Maryland Department of Agriculture      Subject: Healthy Soils - Implementing the Maryland Healthy Soils Program

10.19.17 - Speakers: Al Bartett, M.D. and Lynn Davidson from Sierra Club Maryland Chapter    Subject: Solar Development - Generating Guidelines or Appropriate Locations
09.14.17 - Speakers: Brooke Harper – Maryland & DC Policy Director, Chesapeake Climate Action Network; Vincent DeMarco – Board Chair and Jamie DeMarco – Campaign Co-Manager, Maryland Clean Energy Jobs Initiative     Subject: Climate Initiatives in Maryland
06.15.17 - Speakers: Emily Wirzba, Legislative Representative, Friends Committee on National Legislation; Jose Aguto, Associate Director, Catholic Climate Covenant; Catherine Goggins, Organizer, Interfaith Power & Light (MD.DC.NoVA)     Subject: Climate Change Policy - Advocating from a Faith Perspective
05.18.17 - Speaker: Sara Via, University of Maryland, College Park, Department of Entomology & University of Maryland Extension    Subject: Impacts of Climate Change on Biodiversity
03.16.17 - Speakers: Zoë Johnson, Chesapeake Bay Program; Karl Schrass, National Wildlife Federation; Sasha Land, Maryland Department of Natural Resources   Subject: Adapatation to Climate Change
03.11.17 - Speaker: Michael Locklear, Chesapeake Center for For Regenerative Agriculture   Subject: Carbon Sequestration and Food Production
Meetings for Learning summary documents.
If you missed a meeting for learning on a topic you are interested in, for meeting that have not been recorded take a look at the links below for a brief summary of what took place.
01.19.17 - Speakers: David Smedick, Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal Campaign” and Deron Lovaas, Natural Resources Defense Council    Subject: Energy Efficiency and RGGI
11.17.16 - Speakers: Lee Meadows, Severn River Association and Sara Via, University of Maryland  Subject: Coal-Fired Power Plants, Impacts in Anne Arundel County and Beyond
10.3.16 - Speaker: Ruah Swennerfelt Subject: "Rising to the challenge: The Transition Movement and People of Faith"
9.30.16 - Movie and Panel Discussion: Facing the Surge by Diogo Castro Freire
9.15.16 - Speaker: Mike Tidwell, Founder and Director, Chesapeake Climate Action Network Subject: "The Politics of Global Warming"

6.16.16  -  Speakers: Tim Judson, Executive Director, Nuclear Information and Research Service and Will Candler, Founding Member of CSGA Subject: Do We Need Nuclear Power?

5.19.16  -  Speaker: Dr. Sarah Via, University of Maryland, Department of Biology and Entomology Subject: “Life in the Underground: Healthy Soil; Healthy Plants; Healthy Planet”
4.21.16  -  Speaker: Bert Drake, Plant Physiologist and Scientist Emeritus, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Edgewater, MD Subject: “The Effect of Increased Atmospheric and Terrestrial CO2 on Plant Physiology”
3.17.16  -  Speaker: Dr. Amir Sapkota, an environmental epidemiologist, University of Maryland School of Public Health Subject: “How Climate Change is Impacting Our Health.”
2.28.16  -  Speaker: Don Boesch, President, UMCES Subject: “Vantage Point from the Front: Climate Science Meets Public Policy.”
Climate Change Resources

Thousands of organizations around the world are working to address the issue of climate change. CSGA compiled some of the main resources in the Annapolis and Chesapeake Bay area that are directly relevant to people in our community.

Some of the Climate Stewards publish and/or work in jobs that address climate change.  Below is a growing list of our member's contributions to the field. [Note: The views and opinions of individual members are not necessarily those of the group. To learn about our group's views, you can check out the consensus-based position paper here:  CSGA POSITION PAPER (AUGUST 2015)


Big Bank Boycott


The Big Bank Boycott is brought to you by a group of concerned citizens.  We can’t believe how little our government and corporations are doing to take action to protect our children.  Between 2013-2015, Big US banks invested over $360 billion in the fossil fuel industry.  In response, we demand the change we’re looking for.

If banks will not divest, we will divest from them, and move our money to local banks and credit unions.  No more pipelines.  No more oil spills.  No more unbreathable air.  We stand with Standing Rock in the call for climate justice.  The resistance is growing.


#bigbankboycott #noDAPL

The Real News Network is a non-profit news organization that provides significant coverage of global warming issues.

Climate Matter TV.jpg

Faith and science are two of the most influential forces in global society. The United Planet Faith & Science Initiative unites prominent religious figures and leading scientists to speak out together and mobilize action for ecological sustainability.

The City of Annapolis's Weather it Together team, collaborated with the Planning Innovation Lab of Michael Baker International to develop an interactive resource that highlights the city’s efforts to address the local impacts of climate change on cultural resources through proactive hazard mitigation planning.  The result is a story map entitled Landmark at Risk: Protecting the Historic Seaport of Annapolis, Maryland.

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