Events & News - Nov 23

Events of Interest to CSGA

Days of Action vs Wells Fargo / Climate First

Nov 24-25 - Wells Fargo Bank branches in the Mid-Atlantic

State Carbon Pricing and Local Investment / Climate Action Business Association

Nov 29, 10 AM - Webinar

The Fourth National Climate Assessment and Outcomes from the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn - COP 23 / National Council for Science and the Environment

Nov 30, 1:15 PM - Webinar

Plan 2040: Updating the General Development Plan / Anne Arundel County Office of Planning and Zoning

Nov 30, 6 PM - Old Mill Senior High School, Millersville

Maryland Pre Legislative Session Summit / Maryland NOW

Dec 3, 10 AM - UMBC Engineering Building, Baltimore

News and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

InsideClimate News: Virginia Launches Plan to Join East Coast Carbon Market, Cut Emissions 30%

Virginia has taken a first step toward joining the East Coast's regional carbon-trading market, a move that would drive down the state’s greenhouse gas emissions and help reshape the power sector in the traditional coal state.

Better soil could trap as much planet-warming carbon as transport produces: study | Reuters

Artist uses façade of dockside building in Venice to address climate change | Lonely Planet

An artist has painted a unique mural on a Venetian building that aims to encourage discussion related to climate change and the threat of rising sea levels.

Treaty to Phase Out ‘Greenhouse Gasses on Steroids’ to Enter Force - The New York Times

A global treaty to eliminate hydrofluorocarbons, a category of extremely potent planet-warming gasses, has cleared a key threshold and will enter into force.

‘Planet at a crossroads’: climate summit makes progress but leaves much to do | The Guardian

The UN negotiations in Bonn lay the groundwork for implementing the landmark Paris deal, but tough decisions lay ahead.

If we act on climate change now, the economic prize will be immense | Felipe Calderón | The Guardian

Climate refugees to be welcomed in New Zealand - CSMonitor.com

New Zealand announced it will create a new refugee visa for Pacific Islanders displaced by rising seas. The nation says it is preparing for the possibility of a larger evacuation of island residents in the future as a result of ongoing climate change.

Scientists aim to fight climate change with super plants – Los Angeles Times

The Salk Institute in La Jolla is launching a scientific initiative to develop new types of crops that can help fight climate change.

Carbon, a driver of climate change, could become a valuable resource - CBS News

Germany recently launched the first boat in the world to be fueled by carbon captured from air.

Battered by extreme weather, Americans are more worried about climate change | The Guardian

Dana Nuccitelli: After months of intense hurricanes, heat waves, and droughts, a survey finds a record number of Americans worried about climate change.

Our say: Craig's successor needs to build on her work - Capital Gazette

The city’s historic preservation chief, Lisa Craig, was, in effect, one of the mayor-elect’s opponents in recent legal haggling over the city’s historic preservation rules. So it’s not surprising Craig evidently decided she has no future in a Gavin Buckley administration.

Puerto Rican march in D.C. protests hurricane relief effort - ABC News

Professor studies evolution of climate change activism | UTSA Today

Thank you for not driving: Climate change requires anti-smoking tactics | The Conversation

What if we treated climate change as a health problem rather than an environmental one? There are lessons to be learned from the successful public health campaigns against smoking.

To combat climate change, increase women′s participation | DW

How can you beat climate change with only half the world's population? Gender was among the main side-topics at the UN climate summit in Bonn. DW spoke to women who intend to be part of the solution to climate change.

We're Still In Movement Supports Paris Climate Agreement at COP 23 in Germany, Despite Trump Efforts | National Geographic

A growing coalition of states, cities, and organizations is pushing ahead to meet emissions reductions targets, even as the Trump administration walks away from global warming efforts.

NASA releases wondrous aerial photos of giant new Antarctic iceberg

| Mashable

The first flight above the Delaware-sized Antarctic iceberg produced some amazing images.

Climate Change Could Wipe Out 80% Of Fish In The Pacific Islands | Huffpost UK

Pacific Island nations are highly dependent on fisheries as a food source.

Va. officials are risking a potential water crisis - LTE The Washington Post

State Department reviewing Keystone XL approval after Nebraska decision | TheHill

The State Department is reviewing its cross-border permit for the Keystone XL pipeline in light of Nebraska regulators’ decision to approve an alternate route through the state.

Insurers face new challenges after long series of natural disasters - CSMonitor.com

Following a season of hurricanes, flooding, and earthquakes around the world, customers and governments are facing rising insurance rates. Experts suggest that insurance companies should re-evaluate their repricing strategies as disasters become more common.

Will You 'Promise to Protect'? Coalition Urges New Wave of Resistance to Stop KXL | Common Dreams

"We need you to take a stand no matter what land you live or work on. The struggle to save Mother Earth begins with you."

Mobile phones have "the number one impact" on climate change | Dezeen x Mini Living

As ice retreats, frozen mosses emerge to tell climate change tale | Science News

Plants long entombed beneath Canadian ice are now emerging, telling a story of warming unprecedented in the history of human civilization.