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Events & News - Nov 16

CSGA Events

November 16, 7-10 PM

Climate Change Negotiations Simulation

November 18, 1:30 - 3:30 PM

Climate Change Speakers Series

Healthy Soils:

Implementing the Maryland Healthy Soils Program

Events of Interest to CSGA

Mitigation Working Group / Maryland Commission on Climate Change

Nov 17, 9:30 AM - Maryland Department of the Environment, Baltimore

The Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus / Earth Forum of Howard County

Nov 19, 2 PM - First Presbyterian Church of Howard County, Columbia

Water is Life: Native American Leaders at the Forefront of Environmental Health / Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian

Nov 20, 3 PM - Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore

Fishing the Severn River in Fall and Winter / Severn River Association

Nov 21, 7 PM - Union Jack's British Pub, Annapolis

Days of Action vs Wells Fargo / Climate First

Nov 24-25, Wells Fargo Branches in the Mid-Atlantic

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

The world in which the next 4 billion people will live / N*IUSSP

I was pleased to read Professor David Lam’s N-IUSSP essay “The world’s next 4 billion people will differ from the previous 4 billion”

Americans need Congress to pass a strong climate-change bill - LTE The Washington Post

Fossil fuel emissions to reach an all-time high in 2017, scientists say - Baltimore Sun

Global carbon dioxide emissions are projected to rise again in 2017, a major disappointment for those who hoped gas emissions had at last peaked.

The More Education Republicans Have, the Less They Tend to Believe in Climate Change - The New York Times

Education’s effect is the opposite for Democrats. Exploring a partisan paradox.

The U.S. Is Tackling Global Warming, Even if Trump Isn’t - The New York Times

Leaders from state capitols, city halls and businesses have come to a climate meeting in Bonn to say America remains committed to the Paris accord.

America’s ‘Renaissance’ to Gains for Renewables: Global Energy Trends - The New York Times

In its annual report, the International Energy Agency said the global energy market — normally a slow-moving industry — was going through a major upheaval.

From the Everglades to Kilimanjaro, climate change is destroying world wonders | The Guardian

Number of natural world heritage sites at serious risk from global warming has doubled in three years, says the IUCN, including the Great Barrier Reef and spectacular karst caves in Europe.

African-Americans taking brunt of oil industry pollution: report / Reuters

'You Claim To Be An American, But We See Right Through Your Greed': A Song of Protest and Then a Walkout at US Event at Climate Summit | Common Dreams

Presentation by Trump's delegation calling for more fossil fuels decried as 'absurd'"

How climate change could lead to more wars in the 21st century - Vox

A new book offers a dark picture of humanity’s future.

Spider-obsessed artist Tomás Saraceno is spinning the architecture for climate change — Quartz

Climate Change and Water Woes Drove ISIS Recruiting in Iraq / National Geographic

Battered by shifting resources, desperate farmers were driven into terror recruiters’ clutches. Can it happen again?

World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice | BioScience

Pittsburgh's Microgrids Technology Could Lead The Way For Green Energy : NPR

Pittsburgh wants to become a model for cutting edge energy supply. Researchers in the city are planning a network of microgrids.

College Republican group ACC aims to persuade GOP to embrace environment / CNBC

The American Conservative Coalition is a group of young GOP campus activists that advocates pro-market clean-energy policies.

Carbon prices are still far too low to prevent climate change | OECD Insights Blog

Democrats Are Shockingly Unprepared to Fight Climate Change - The Atlantic

There’s no magic bill waiting in the wings—and no quick path to arriving at one.

Trump’s Answer to Global Warming, in Bonn? Drill, Baby, Drill! | The New Yorker

Elizabeth Kolbert on the Trump Administration’s zeal for the fossil fuels and its climate-change denial, ahead of the COP23 summit on climate change, in Bonn.

These are the melting glaciers that might someday drown your city, according to NASA - The Washington Post

Thanks to NASA — and the laws of physics — 293 coastal cities can now know which specific glaciers pose the most dangers to them if they melt.

Annapolis chief of historic preservation quits, citing worries about Buckley administration - Capital Gazette

Lisa Craig, the top historic preservation official in Annapolis resigned Monday, a week after the election of a new mayor who challenged the city's policy on protecting its historic buildings.

U.N. Climate Projects, Aimed at the Poorest, Raise Red Flags - The New York Times

The Green Climate Fund was meant to help developing countries tackle climate change, but many of the most vulnerable nations have not seen any grants.

'Political watershed' as 19 countries pledge to phase out coal | The Guardian

New alliance launched at Bonn climate talks hopes to signal the end of the dirtiest fossil fuel that kills 800,000 people a year with air pollution.

For Damage Done and Transition Needed, 50+ Groups Demand Global Fossil Fuel Tax | Common Dreams

A climate damages tax on the fossil fuel industry is one way to reverse the injustice of climate change, and ensure the fossil fuel industry pays for its damage—not poor people.

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