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Events & News - May 31

Events of Interest to CSGA

Mitigation Working Group Meeting / Maryland Climate Change Commission

May 31, 10 AM - Maryland Department of the Environment, Baltimore

Rally for a Safety Study / We Are Cove Point

May 31, Noon - Governor's Mansion, Annapolis

Hide Tide in Dorchester / Chesapeake Bay Foundation

May 31, 6:30 PM - Avalon Theatre, Easton

A Bill is Coming / Chesapeake Climate Action Network

June 5, Noon - Wilson Building, Washington

Drop In and Hang Out at MDE / We Are Cove Point

June 6, 11 AM - Maryland Department of the Environment

Listening Session / The Transportation and Climate Initiative

June 6, 5 PM - Chase Center on the Riverfront, Wilmington

Potluck and "Climate Change Update" / Greenbelt Climate Action Network

June 6, 6:30 PM - Greenbelt Community Center, Greenbelt

Meeting / Annapolis Environmental Commission

June 6, 7 PM - 145 Gorman St., Annapolis

Rally for a Safety Study / We Are Cove Point

June 7, Noon - Governor's Mansion, Annapolis

June 7, 7 PM - Silver Spring Civic Center, Silver Spring

Monthly Meeting / Citizens Climate Lobby Annapolis Chapter

June 9, 12:30 PM - Unitarian Universalist Church, Annapolis

June 10, 4 PM - 1105 Providence Rd, Towson

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

The Hogan administration offers a lesson in climate change by offering lessons in climate change.

Construction activities for the Mountain Valley Pipeline are moving forward in Montgomery County. And residents of the Catawba Valley who oppose the project say heavy rains and muddy conditions that followed have confirmed their fears.

The waterlogged weather pattern, Ellicott City's flood-prone geography and climate change all conspired to make this flash-flood horror show.

Impact of Climate Change on Ellicott City Floods May 2018

Locally and globally, human activity caused the devastation on Main Street.

Southwest Virginia lawmakers and coal industry representatives see hope for economic development in Gov. Ralph Northam’s decision to sign a bill reinstating a pared-down tax credit for certain coal producers, but environmental groups call the move a wasteful corporate giveaway.

After a decade of dithering, the US east coast went all in on offshore wind power this week.

Many solidly Republican states have resisted aggressive climate policies, but Alaska is already seeing the dramatic effects of global warming.

Even in a good year, much of the Rio Grande is diverted for irrigation. But it’s only May, and the river is already turning to sand.

Richer countries import products but not the emissions used to make them.

President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday designed to boost the environmental performance of federal agencies.

Obama signed the original order in 2015, with a goal of reducing the federal government’s greenhouse gas emissions 40 percent in a decade.

Although President Donald Trump might be skeptical of climate change (or global warming, if you prefer), activists in Finland hope to use the commander-in-chief's likeness to draw awareness to the issue.

Found in the hills and valleys of McDowell County lies a rarity of art originating from West Virginia's rich coal history.

Because I am a literary writer, writing about climate justice, people often ask me, What is the importance of art in the climate struggle?

The visualization unambiguously reveals a long-term warming signal.

The Oakland-based artist and activist is putting people and solutions at the center of her work.

Through their strategy to make a fictional drama more compelling, the creators of Marvel's latest movie have made it harder to address the real-world problem of climate change.

What began as a way of trolling Prius drivers became a signature protest against America’s first black president — rolling coal.

A warm classroom is not conducive to learning, as any student trying to pay attention to a teacher’s lecture on a hot day can attest. There’s research to back that up.

Human causes of climate change had all been deleted, delaying report for months.

The shutdown comes less than a month after the full Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission ruled the pipeline can resume operations safely.

More solar is not necessarily always a good thing.

The U.S. Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board on Thursday morning released the findings of its investigation into Arkema's actions before, during and after the fire that occurred at the chemical plant during Hurricane Harvey.

Shareholders reckon that their companies will not suffer—or that they will be able to get out in time

I think everything is changing, it's a little warning.

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