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Events & News March 28

Events of Interest to CSGA

Kickoff Meeting / XR Baltimore

Mar 29, 6 PM - Baltimore Free Farm, Baltimore

Hub Meeting / Sunrise Movement Baltimore

Apr 2, 7 PM - 3301 N Charles St, Baltimore

Meeting / Annapolis Environmental Commission

Apr 3, 7 PM - 145 Gorman Street, Annapolis

Apr 3, 1 PM - Miller Senate Office Building, Annapolis

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan noted that the state’s citizens and coastal areas are threatened by climate change, and that “common sense pragmatism” is needed in D.C. and around the world to tackle the problem.

It looks like it doesn’t belong there. The lonely, aging power plant stands out against the red desert, connected to the nearest town by a single, crumbling road.

The Danish capital wants to be carbon neutral six years from now. Its plan involves wind, recycling and a very innovative ski hill.

As demand for solar energy continues to grow in the Eastern U.S., the fight over a massive solar farm in Virginia is a harbinger of conflicts to come.

America has entered the “coal cost crossover”: Today, local wind and solar could replace 74 percent of the U.S. coal fleet with immediate cost savings.

Climate change is becoming increasingly relevant to central bankers because losses from natural disasters that are magnified by higher temperatures and elevated sea levels could spark a financial crisis, a Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco researcher found.

Behind the scenes, corporate lobbying laid the groundwork for the Justice Department’s aggressive pursuit of so-called eco-terrorists.

A fight over payment for work on the Atlantic Sunrise gas pipeline made its way to the mailboxes of Lancaster County residents who own land the pipeline crosses.

Former president argues that denial robs world’s poorest of their human rights.

Corporations increasingly claim that their products reduce emissions. But these claims are often unverifiable or inaccurate, according to WRI's investigation of more than 300 companies.

What do Fort Detrick, Fort Meade and Joint Base Andrews all have in common? All — along with Naval Support Facility Indian Head — face current and future flooding threats due to climate change, according to a recently released Defense Department report.

Statkraft seeks to tap into the corporate PPA opportunity with a promise of firm power.

Dominion Energy has made a final decision to permanently shutter 10 older and less-efficient generating units that can no longer compete profitably.

A UPEI researcher has developed an app that is being promoted in Mi'kmaq communities as a way to track climate change.

UD study finds people prefer wind turbines as neighbors over other energy plants

NM commits to clean energy » Albuquerque Journal

Gov. signs new law requiring carbon-free system by 2045.

South Dakota's law is the latest as pipeline companies encourage tougher penalties for activists who block oil and gas projects—and for the groups that support them.

The world's largest reinsurance firm warned that premium rises could become a pressing social issue.

A recent report from InfluenceMap claims that the world's biggest oil and gas companies spend $200 million every year to weaken and oppose legislation aimed at fighting global warming.

These are portraits of seven people working in wind and solar, industries their families hardly imagined they’d go into. But as one of them put it: “It’s not ideology. It’s just math.”

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