Events & News - Mar 22

Events of Interest to CSGA

Rally for a Safety Study / We Are Cove Point

March 22, Noon - Governors Mansion, Annapolis

Days of Action vs Wells Fargo / Climate First

March 23, 11:30 AM - Bethesda

Days of Action vs Wells Fargo / Climate First

March 23, 4 PM - Washington

Planing Meeting on MDE Review of Charles County Compressor Station / AMP Creeks Council

March 25, 2 PM - Moyoane Association Community Center, Accokeek

Public Hearing on Charles County Compressor Station / Maryland Department of the Environment

March 28, 6:30 PM - Bryans Road Volunteer Fire Department, Bryans Road

Rally for a Safety Study / We Are Cove Point

March 29, Noon - Governors Mansion, Annapolis

Frozen Visions, Science and Art Below the Freezing Point / Cafe Scientifique

March 29, 6:15 PM - 49 West, Annapolis

Days of Action vs Wells Fargo / Climate First

March 31, 10:30 PM - Fairfax County

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

Panel Kills Clean Energy Bill; Pipeline Foes Arrested at State House | Maryland Matters

In a major blow to Maryland environmentalists and their allies in the General Assembly, a House Economic Matters subcommittee voted against a bill Wednesday that would have expanded the state’s renewable energy mandate. The panel’s Public Utilities Subcommittee voted down the measure, HB 1453.

Proposals to purify, expand Maryland's renewable energy supply fail - Baltimore Sun

The Maryland General Assembly on Wednesday rejected proposals to grow the state's renewable energy supply and to disqualify some polluting sources of energy from receiving green energy subsidies from state utility customers.

House Committee Vote Kills Offshore Wind Turbine Distance Bill | News Ocean City MD

Clean energy saves Md. consumers money - Baltimore Sun

Buying electricity in short-term, fuel-price-based auctions ignores a major savings opportunity and harms Maryland electric customers.

FEMA has radically underestimated how vulnerable Americans are to flooding - Vox

New research claims that official estimates lowballed the risk by, uh, about a factor of three.

LNG plant noise complaints, 'small' oil leak reported |

As Dominion’s newly constructed $4 billion export facility begins producing liquefied natural gas, nearby residents have been complaining about loud noises coming from the facility.

Maryland needs more wind and solar power - Baltimore Sun

Don't overstate solar and wind energy in Md. - it's got plenty of room to grow.

Documents reveal immense outreach on Atlantic Coast Pipeline - The Washington Post

Civic leaders in town after town along the 600-mile (966-kilometer) route of a proposed natural gas project have posed for similar photographs, smiling and accepting poster-sized checks from the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.

MVP asks West Virginia judge to order protesters out of trees along pipeline route |

Lawyers for the Mountain Valley Pipeline are asking a West Virginia judge to order the removal of protesters sitting in trees along the pipeline’s route.

Atlantic Coast Pipeline gets violation notice from state over tree cutting |

The Department of Environmental Quality said Friday that workers violated regulations that barred work in vegetative buffers along waterways.

A D.C. leader’s anti-Semitic remarks are only part of the problem - The Washington Post

Trayon White Sr. apologized to the Jewish community, but his bizarre statements about climate are troubling, too.

The Trump administration just failed to stop a climate lawsuit brought by 21 kids - The Washington Post

A federal appellate court sent the case back to the lower court for trial.

U.S. Utilities Want Carbon Pricing And Stable Policy. That's Bad News For Trump's Agenda. | Forbes

An annual survey of North American utilities shows widespread support for carbon pricing and a nearly unanimous rejection of coal power - unwelcome news for the Trump Administration's energy agenda.

Carbon capture and storage, a technology to fight climate change, is becoming a reality | Slate

The recent congressional budget bill includes incentives to support carbon capture and storage.

The new Dominion deal means cheaper, cleaner energy for Virginia - The Washington Post

US Energy Storage Market Tops the 1 GWh Milestone in 2017 | Greentech Media

According to GTM Research, annual deployments will exceed 1,000 MWh in 2018.

At Greene County coal mine, dwindling production means 370 lost jobs | StateImpact Pennsylvania

Austin Turner was headed back home to West Virginia on a recent afternoon from his job at the 4 West Mine in Mt. Morris, Pennsylvania. It was going to be one of his last shifts there, as the mine would be shutting down soon.

Risky business: Low-carbon transition threatens $1.6tr in fossil fuel investment | BusinessGreen

If climate policies follow strategy set out in Paris and ratchet up over time fossil fuel companies could be putting trillions of dollars at risk.

Latin American countries sign legally binding pact to protect land defenders | The Guardian

New treaty compels states to investigate and punish killings and attacks on people defending their land or environment.

Scientists just showed what building a new suburb does to the atmosphere - The Washington Post

It's the latest evidence highlighting the environmental consequences of suburban expansion, often accompanied by more miles driven by cars and larger free-standing homes that require more energy for heating and cooling.

The Case for a Carbon Tax on Beef - The New York Times

It would reduce greenhouse gas emissions, water pollution, deforestation, species loss and human mortality. So what’s the holdup?

Central Banks Emerge as Threat to Debt-Funded Green Energy Boom - Bloomberg

Central banks are emerging as a bigger threat to the green-energy revolution than Donald Trump.

Gov. Baker Announces Climate Resiliency Bond Bill | WBUR News

The governor said his legislation has $300 million slated "for critical infrastructure and the prevention, adaptation and mitigation of climate change."