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Events & News January 17

CSGA Events

Reversing Global Warming: Introduction to Drawdown

Thursday, January 17, 7 PM

Annapolis Friends Meeting House

Events of Interest to CSGA

Green Drinks / Annapolis Green

Jan 23, 5:30 PM - Annapolis Market House, Annapolis

The Human Element / Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore's Healthy Harbor Initiative

Jan 24, 7 PM - Brown Advisory, Baltimore

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

The Wet’suwet’en and B.C.’s gas-pipeline battle: A guide to the story so far - The Globe and Mail

Two First Nations checkpoints on a rural forestry road have become flashpoints of contention over natural gas, the environment and Indigenous land rights.

The Green New Deal Rises Again - The New York Times

It was a good idea that didn’t catch on in 2007. Now we’re running out of time.

Ocean temperatures rising faster than previously thought | Thompson Reuters Foundation

Ocean heat has been setting records repeatedly over the last decade.

A sea change in American offshore wind - Institute for Energy Economics & Financial Analysis

The big lease sales ($405 million) last month in coastal waters off Massachusetts for three federally owned tracts that didn’t sell at an auction in 2015 signal a sea change in how U.S. offshore wind generation potential is now perceived.

New Jersey port to be 1st to use electric container carrier | AP

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will conduct the first test at a U.S. port of an electric vehicle to move cargo containers, with an eye toward eventually replacing the current gas-powered fleet.

Drilling Towards Disaster: Why U.S. Oil and Gas Expansion Is Incompatible with Climate Limits - Oil Change International

The U.S. oil and gas industry is gearing up to unleash the largest burst of new carbon emissions in the world between now and 2050.

Along the East Coast, rainy days, high tides and sea rise make floods a part of life | NBC MACH

Sea levels have risen across the entire East Coast, but nowhere as high as in the Mid-Atlantic region. Experts say the trend will only accelerate.

Pa. environmental board slams Sunoco air-quality permit |

Some Conservatives Recognize the Risks of Using Emergency Powers to Build Trump's Wall - Volokh Conspiracy :

SCC allows Appalachian Power to charge premium for all-renewable energy |

State regulators have approved a plan that will allow environmentally conscious customers of Appalachian Power Co. to pay a little extra to get all of their electricity from renewable energy.

Renewable Energy To Remodel World Dominance Patterns | CleanTechnica

Attending the 9th session of IRENA's General Assembly on Friday, we were all looking forward to one item on the agenda – launch of a new report, The Geopolitics of Energy Transformation.

Some states’ emissions would be higher under Trump climate rule, study finds | TheHill

Eighteen states and Washington, D.C., would see increased carbon dioxide emissions from power plants under the Trump administration’s proposed climate change rule for power plants, a new study predicted.

Maryland Public Service Commission authorizes utilities to install 5,000 electric vehicle charging stations statewide - Baltimore Sun

Maryland’s utility companies on Monday won state approval to install a network of more than 5,000 electric vehicle charging stations — fewer than they had hoped for, but a step toward the state’s ambitious goal of 300,000 electric vehicles on the street by 2025.

From Greenspan to Yellen, Economic Brain Trust Backs Carbon Tax - Bloomberg

An all-star lineup of economists, from Alan Greenspan to Paul Volcker, is endorsing a plan to combat climate change by slapping a tax on greenhouse gas emissions and then distributing the revenue to American households.

Study: Racial inequality in the deployment of rooftop solar energy in the US | Tufts Now

Although the popularity of rooftop solar panels has skyrocketed because of their benefits to consumers and the environment, the deployment has predominantly occurred in white neighborhoods, even after controlling for household income and home ownership, according to a study by researchers from Tufts University.

Winterthur cafe becomes state's first 'green' restaurant | Delaware Online

Not using foam cups and serving some meat-free dishes has helped Winterthur Museum cafe to be named Delaware's first certified green restaurant.

Colorado's Top Court Sides Against Youth in Major Anti-Fracking Case - EcoWatch

Colorado's oil and gas industry breathed a sigh of relief on Monday after the state's highest court overturned a lower court decision that said state regulators must consider public health and the environment in permitting oil and gas production.

Idioms Updated for Climate Change | The New Yorker

Shouts & Murmurs by Ginny Hogan: When it rains, it acid-rains.

DEQ's Unprecedented Move to Reconsider MVP Permit | WVTF

With construction of the Mountain Valley natural gas pipeline nearly complete, the project still faces several challenges.

Hacking photosynthesis, researchers might almost double crop yields | Anthropocene

A genetic tweak that makes photosynthesis more efficient in plants could increase crop yields by 40%, and help feed millions more people around the globe.

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