Events & News February 14

CSGA Events

CSGA Business Meeting

Thursday, February 14, 7 PM

Annapolis Friends Meeting House

What is Clean Energy?

CSGA Discussion

Thursday, February 21, 7 PM

Annapolis Friends Meeting House

Events of Interest to CSGA

Hearing on House Bill 308 / Maryland House Matters Committee

Feb 14, 1 PM - House Office Building, Annapolis

Maryland State Legislative Briefing and Training / Earth Forum of Howard County

Feb 17, 2 PM - First Presbyterian Church of Howard County, Columbia

DC Metro Group Meeting / Pachamama Alliance

Feb 17, 9 PM - Video Call

Students Reclaim Our Future / League of Conservation Voters

Feb 18, 1:30 PM - Maryland House of Delegates, Annapolis

Maryland Climate Lobby Night / Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Feb 18, 5 PM - Maryland House of Delegates, Annapolis

Hearing on HB504 / House Appropriations Committee

Feb 19, 1 PM - Maryland House of Delegates, Annapolis

Hearing on SB387 and SB744 / Senate Health, Education and Environmental Affairs Committee

Feb 19, 1 PM - Miller Senate Building, Annapolis

Hearing on HB492 / House Health and Government Operations Committee

Feb 19, 1 PM - Maryland House of Delegates, Annapolis

Meeting including Hearing on Styrofoam ban / Anne Arundel County Council

Feb 19, 7 PM - Arundel Center, Annapolis

What's Up With Stormwater Compliance / Severn River Association

Feb 19, 7 PM - Union Jack's of Annapolis, Annapolis

Education, Communication, and Outreach Working Group Meeting / Maryland Commission on Climate Change

Feb 20, 10:30 AM - Maryland Department of the Environment, Baltimore

Exploring Social Justice - The Green Amendment / American University Library

Feb 20, 11:30 AM - American University, Washington

Hearing on HB472 / House Environment and Transportation Committee

Feb 20, 1 PM - Maryland House of Delegates, Annapolis

Meeting / Baltimore Commission on Sustainability

Feb 20, 4 PM - Baltimore City Planning Office, Baltimore

The Green New Deal / Physicians for Social Responsibility

Feb 21, 5:30 - Busboys & Poets, Washington

Trash Dance / Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore

Feb 21, 6:30 - Brown Advisory, Baltimore

Climate Change / Empathy Circle

Feb 23, 1 PM - Videoconference

An Inconvenient Sequel / Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake

Feb 24, 12:30 PM - Mount Lebanon Baptist Church, Reisterstown

Annual Meeting / Climate First!

Feb 24, 1:30 PM - Tenleytown Library, Washington

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

New climate study: Annapolis might feel like Mississippi in 60 years - Capital Gazette

What’s the Annapolis area weather going to be in 60 years? A new study from a University of Maryland researcher says hot, about 9 degrees hotter a lot more humid than now on average. Think Mississippi.

Baltimore City Council approves air standards bill that could shut trash incinerators - Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore City Council on Monday approved a bill applying stringent emissions limits on the city’s biggest source of industrial air pollution, a step that could end the burning of trash across the region without a plan on how to dispose of waste that is currently incinerated.

Baltimore City, Baltimore and Howard counties begin considering alternatives if trash incinerator closes - Baltimore Sun

After the Baltimore City Council passed clean air legislation Monday that could lead a large trash incinerator to shut down, officials in the city and surrounding counties began considering their alternatives for if and when that consequence comes to pass.

European slaughter of Native Americans changed the climate, study says - CNN

University College London researchers estimate that settlers killed 56 million indigenous people, causing farmland to be reforested. That increase in vegetation resulted in a massive decrease in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Gas driller seeking to have man thrown in jail for contempt | AP

A gas driller is escalating its campaign against a Pennsylvania homeowner who's long accused the company of polluting his water, demanding that he be thrown in jail over his failure to submit to questioning as part of the company's $5 million lawsuit against him.

North Dakota Bill Would Hide Records on Pipeline Security Operations | The Intercept

A new bill would prevent the release of records related to security operations involving “critical infrastructure,” which includes fossil fuel pipelines.

The Future of Carbon Pricing in Maryland | ClimateXChange

Since 2017, carbon pricing has received national recognition as one of the most promising states when it comes to passing legislation.

Environmental Rule of Law: First Global Report | UN Environment

The first ever global assessment of environmental rule of law finds weak enforcement to be a global trend that is exacerbating environmental threats, despite prolific growth in environmental laws and agencies worldwide over the last four decades.

Ways to help kids cope with — and help combat — climate change - The Washington Post

How can we help our children understand without paralyzing them with fear?

Teen Witness Ignored During Congressional Climate Hearing Speaks Out | Earther

Nadia Nazar, 16, spent the last three weeks preparing her testimony for the first climate change hearing in years. As the co-founder of a youth-led climate movement, Zero Hour, Nazar was the first panelist to speak Wednesday during the congressional session’s second half. She talked about deadly floods in India, from where her parents emigrated, and epic floods in Maryland, where she lives.

Budweiser’s 2019 Super Bowl Ad Is B.S. | The New Republic

The beer's parent company is using the Super Bowl to send green messages—while associating with two anti-environmental groups.

'Valve turners' target oil pipeline equipment in Itasca County | MPR News

Itasca County sheriff's deputies apparently took four activists into custody Monday afternoon after they used bolt cutters to break into an Enbridge pipeline facility.

Wildfires, hurricanes and other extreme weather cost the nation 247 lives, nearly $100 billion in damage during 2018 - The Washington Post

Experts say that climate change might already be fueling an increase in the number of billion-dollar disasters.

Clean Energy Innovation Report Identifies Breakthrough Technologies — EFI

A new report on clean energy innovation headed by two of the world’s leading energy experts assesses the state of the clean energy innovation ecosystem in the U.S. and identifies clean energy technologies with the highest breakthrough potential.

Most U.S. utility-scale solar photovoltaic power plants are 5 megawatts or smaller - U.S. Energy Information Administration

Solar Jobs Down 3 Percent Nationwide in 2018, But Some Key States See Job Growth - The Solar Foundation

Europe Climate Change Protests: Teenage Girls Organize Mass School Walkouts And Protests | BuzzFeed

Students are going on strike around the world to demand action on climate change, in a movement led almost entirely by teenage girls.