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Events & News - Dec 7

CSGA Events

Thursday, December 7, 7-9 PM

General Meeting

to discuss a Strategic Plan for the CSGA

at Annapolis Friends Meeting House

Thursday, December 14, 7-9 PM

General Meeting

at Annapolis Friends Meeting House

Events of Interest to CSGA

KidWind Challenge 2018 / Center for Wind Energy at James Madison University

Dec 9, 10 AM - American Wind Energy Association, Washington

Monthly Chapter Meeting / Citizens Climate Lobby - Annapolis

Dec 9, 12:30 PM - Unitarian Universalist Church, Annapolis

Dec 12, 7 PM - Charles County Government Building, La Plata

Dec 13, 7 PM - Oak Hill Center for Education and Culture, Baltimore

The State of the Grid / Marylanders for Energy Democracy & Affordability

Dec 15, 1:30 PM - University of Baltimore, Baltimore

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

The Environmental Protection Agency announced it would not change the rule mandating a rising percentage of ethanol to be blended with gasoline.

Scientists increasingly agree that the world may need negative emissions to prevent catastrophic warming.

New research yields old result: Climate warming slow, steady; Observed value is half that of CMIP5 climate models.

Scientists have slammed a new paper by researchers at the University of Alabama in Huntsville that claims there has been no acceleration in warming over the last two decades.

Like what happened with HIV/AIDS, climate change and its toll on human health will continue to worsen, whether we believe in it or not, and regardless of the prevailing politics.

US companies president claims to champion choosing to disregard Trump’s sceptical climate stance and press ahead without him.

Congress faces a Dec. 8 deadline to mend a federal flood insurance program that runs chronic imbalances in an era of rising flood risks and densely populated coastal areas.

The target could help streamline regulatory barriers that have held back storage growth in the state.

Mining companies no longer need to prove they can clean up after themselves, after the EPA decided to end a proposal requiring them to do so.

Conservation, restoration and better land management will help a lot more than scientists previously understood.

Congress has now affirmed its belief in climate change, and the president has an opportunity.

Each year, Greenland loses 270 billion tons of ice as the planet warms. New research shows that some of the water may be trapped in the ice sheet, which could change how scientists think about global sea levels.

The Trump administration has terminated a cross-agency group created to help local officials protect their residents against extreme weather and natural disasters.

The Trump administration is appealing an October federal court decision that found it was “unlawful” to delay an Obama administration rule limiting methane pollution from oil and natural gas drilling on federal land.

The American Petroleum Institute (API), a leading oil industry association, launched a voluntary program Tuesday for member companies to reduce emissions of methane and other pollutants from the natural gas sector.

One method of stemming greenhouse gases – by pruning excessive undergrowth that prevents forests from flourishing – is one of a slew of quixotic ideas being worked on by scientists and researchers around the world to help solve what could be the dominant issue of the next 100 years.

Your Energy, an industry front group, claims to have recruited 10,000 people to its cause of battling pipeline protesters.

Mining the cryptocurrency requires a staggering amount of energy—contributing to global warming and providing little public benefit.

They claim to care about the environment. Yet they fund an anti-climate agenda.

Dozens of mayors met in Chicago to speak about the perils of climate change, announcing their own standards in the mold of the Paris treaty.

On climate change communications, the science really isn’t settled.

County Executive Steve Schuh announced an eight-month moratorium on solar farms.

Montgomery County lawmakers say the ambitious goal will help the liberal suburb combat Trump policies.

The next decade will see millions more climate refugees.

"Procedures have been put in place to prevent such an occurrence in the future,” Scott Pruitt wrote.

The study adds to a growing body of bad news about how human activity is changing the planet's climate and how dire those changes will be in the future.

John Abraham: All of nature’s thermometers indicate a rapid rise in global temperatures.

The Indian government will phase out imports of petroleum coke, or petcoke, though the use of petcoke within the country continues to be debated. An AP report found US oil refineries are exporting the product to India in huge amounts, unable to unload it at home.

Will President Trump take it seriously now?

Seven of the state’s 10 largest modern wildfires have occurred in the last 14 years.

Clothing companies might be ignoring as much as 90 percent of the climate pollution they generate.

A meteorologist and a music technologist team up to turn the data from tropical storms into musical graphs.

The more 90-degree days a fetus or infant endured, the lower his or her earnings in adulthood.

This pattern of contrasting extreme weather is happening more frequently as Arctic ice melts and the planet warms.

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