Events & News - August 9

Events of Interest to CSGA

Annapolis Chapter Meeting / Citizens Climate Lobby

Aug 11, 12:30 PM - Unitarian Universalist Church, Annapolis

Tell 2020 Contenders: #NoFossilFuelMoney / Sunrise Movement

Aug 15, 8:30 AM - Upper Senate Park, Washington

Education, Communication and Outreach Working Group Meeting / Maryland Commission on Climate Change

Aug 15, 10:30 AM - Maryland Department of the Environment, Baltimore

Meeting / Baltimore Commission on Sustainability

Aug 15, 4 PM - Baltimore City Planning Office, Baltimore

A Plastic Ocean / Havre de Grace Green Team

Aug 16, 7 PM - Havre de Grace Maritime Museum

Base Build at Denton Summerfest / NoESPL

Aug 18, 1 PM - Denton

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

Jimmy DeButts: Are we ready to share Eastport streets with ducks, kayakers? - Capital Gazette

Lisa Craig: Preparing for the next flood is easier than cleaning up after it - Capital Gazette

I encourage every property owner, business and employee who is at risk to take action. Don’t wait for the government, particularly when it comes to being prepared. Assess what it is you have at risk and invest the time and resources into building greater resilience.

Surrendering to Rising Seas - Scientific American

Coastal communities struggling to adapt to climate change are beginning to do what was once unthinkable: retreat.

Youth climate activist fires back at GOP candidate: 'You're the naive one' | TheHill

A young environmental activist is firing back at a Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate after he called a fellow activist "young and naive."

Actually, Republicans Do Believe in Climate Change - The New York Times

So why do they resist doing anything about it?

A Republican has a market-friendly climate fix. Will conservatives go for it? - The Washington Post

Rep. Carlos Curbelo’s greenhouse-gas emissions bill is one a genuinely conservative party would embrace.

Pair of studies criticize Maryland renewable energy policy as 'cleanwashing' pollution - Baltimore Sun

A pair of critical new studies say a Maryland program designed to promote renewable energy projects is also helping fossil fuel power and other sources of air pollution. In its study, environmental group Food and Water Watch accuses the state of "cleanwashing" dirty sources of energy.

Md. clean energy critics spreading misinformation - Baltimore Sun

A new report by the Chesapeake Physicians for Social Responsibility claims that Maryland’s energy policy is causing the state to go backward on building a clean energy economy. It couldn't be more wrong.

Maryland's green-wash - Baltimore Sun

Maryland's charade over clean energy must finally come to an end.

Maryland plans to spend $76 million settlement from Volkswagen emission scandal to buy cleaner vehicles - Baltimore Sun

Maryland officials on Thursday proposed spending the state's share of a federal settlement with Volkswagen — nearly $76 million — on programs to help businesses and government agencies buy cleaner vehicles.

Green Upgrade: How California Is Pioneering ‘Energy Justice’ - Yale E360

California has the world’s fourth largest greenhouse gas cap-and-trade program, which raises billions of dollars for the state. An innovative project is directing some of that revenue to bringing renewable power and energy efficiency to some of the state’s most disadvantaged communities.

Trump administration to freeze fuel-efficiency requirements in move likely to spur legal battle with states - The Washington Post

The proposed rollback of gas-mileage rules could lead to upheaval and uncertainty in the nation’s auto market.

The Biggest Climate Rollback Yet? | Rhodium Group

Massachusetts Raises the Bar (Just a Bit) on Climate Ambition | InsideClimate News

The legislature in Massachusetts has passed a law that encourages more use of renewable energy, but environmental advocates are disappointed because the state had seemed poised to pass something far more ambitious.The bill, which now goes to Gov. Charlie Baker, was passed this week on the final day of session, following months of wrangling.

As wildfires rage, Trump administration plans to slash fire science funding | Reveal

Fires have grown larger, more intense and unpredictable. But federal research that helps prevent and respond to them is on the chopping block.

Climate Signals | Carr Fire July-August 2018

Impact of Climate Change on Carr Fire July-August 2018

We won’t stop California’s wildfires if we don’t talk about climate change - The Washington Post

Putting more money toward firefighting won’t prevent another summer like this.

Who Is Kelvin Droegemeier, Trump's Science Adviser Nominee | Fortune

Trump announced meteorologist Droegemeier as his nominee for the director of the White House Office of Science and Technology on Tuesday.

Anti-Pipeline Group Raises Money to Create 'The Defenders' Sculpture - WVIR NBC29 Charlottesville

An anti-pipeline group in the valley is celebrating a major accomplishment.

Citizen group monitors for possible environmental violations - The Washington Post

A dirt and gravel corridor as wide as a highway splits the green-hued forest, winding over steep slopes before disappearing into a sea of ridges on the horizon. Down the center, a pale green tube propped up on waist-high stacks of wooden pallets looks like a water slide as it caroms along mountainous contours in Appalachian Virginia west of Roanoke.

Pipeline Protestor Arrested | WVNSTV

Conflict over the Mountain Valley Pipeline took a dramatic turn in Monroe County Tuesday morning.

Federal agency orders work to stop on the entire Mountain Valley Pipeline |

A federal agency has ordered a stop to construction of the entire Mountain Valley Pipeline, which has run into repeated problems with erosion.

Appeals court tosses key permits for Atlantic Coast pipeline - The Washington Post

A federal appeals court on Monday threw out two key permits for the Atlantic Coast pipeline, a ruling environmental groups said should halt construction on the 600-mile natural gas pipeline, but project developers insisted should not result in a lengthy delay.

DEP fines Sunoco $148,000 for pipeline trouble | Reading Examiner

The penalty results from water violations during construction in Berks, Chester and Lebanon counties.

New York deals setback to CPV power plant in Joe Percoco corruption case | lohud.

The plant has been expected to help shoulder some of the burden in closing the Indian Point nuclear plant.

Soybeans and the trade war with China: why you should care - Baltimore Sun

U.S. soy processors, exporters and some 300,00 American farmers understandably care deeply about the place soybeans have in our unfolding trade war with China. But the rest of us should care deeply as well, since this commercial dispute could permanently ravage our climate.