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Events & News April 18

CSGA Events

CSGA Discussion

Thursday, April 18, 7 PM

Annapolis Friends Meeting House






Events of Interest to CSGA

Meeting / Baltimore Commission on Sustainability

Apr 18, 4 PM - Baltimore City Planning Office, Baltimore

Vigil for the Earth / Extinction Rebellion Baltimore

Apr 22, 8 PM - Washington Monument, Baltimore

National Call / Elders Climate Action

Apr 23, 7 PM - Teleconference

Deep Ocean Exploration / Cafe Scientifique

Apr 25, 6:15 PM - 49 West, Annapolis

Scientific Symposium on Air Quality and Health / Rural Agricultural Defenders

Apr 27, 9 AM - Clarion Inn, Harpers Ferry

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

Maryland state lawmakers have passed the Clean Energy Jobs Act (CEJA) of 2019, which would incentivize the development of 1.2 GW of additional offshore wind energy off the coast of Maryland.

Global problems need global solutions. But what you do personally can shift what's seen as 'normal'.

As they see it, global warming stands to make corporate security as high-stakes in the 21st century as it was in the 19th.

Andrew Wheeler also said the EPA will release plans soon to speed up states decision-making for energy infrastructure projects.

A bipartisan group of senators introduced a bill Thursday to increase federal funding toward developing carbon capture technology while also committing to fossil fuel use.

Texas Senator John Cornyn, who once voted against a measure that said climate change was man-made, is now helping fellow Republicans craft legislation to combat global warming through “energy innovation.”

TCI, the coalition of east coast state governments, announced a planned schedule to design a cap-and-invest program for transportation emissions.

Rail advocates often make the case that trains are a cleaner mode of transportation, but why is that so? And what would it take to expand rail in the U.S.?

New studies point to the retreat of Earth’s glaciers and discovery of radioactive material in those glaciers that could threaten the global food chain.

Plastic’s Carbon Footprint | The UCSB Current

Researchers conduct first global assessment of the lifecycle of greenhouse gas emissions from plastics.

The Supreme Court on Monday rejected a petition from an electric trade association group that challenged nuclear plant subsidies designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

If you live in North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, or Florida, you might be curious about which areas this super-computer-powered map says are at risk of being underwater.

State-level Green New Deal legislation continues to break new ground. Last week, it was the teens getting involved. This week, it’s workers’ unions.

One of the biggest planned solar farms in the country has been approved by local officials in Virginia to move forward.

Following several years of planning, the developers of a natural-gas-fired power plant planned for a site in Clarksburg’s Montpelier Addition hope to begin construction this summer.

Climate group occupies major landmarks in campaign that could last several days.

Activists at today's protest called upon the City of New York to formally "declare a climate emergency with an aggressive target for reaching zero greenhouse gas emissions and drawdown."

Climate change activists have staged a protest on the roof of a London train during a third straight day of protests by the Extinction Rebellion group, which seeks to highlight "disastrous inaction on" climate change.

Climate crisis hitting bottom 50pct hardest | Thompson Reuters Foundation

Activists said they were using Wednesday's protest to highlight the links between global food production, land use and climate change.

Editorial: The cause is being taken up in the corridors of power. We still need activists outside on the streets.

So far there have been almost 300 arrests, mainly for acts of public order offences, at the Extinction Rebellion climate change protests in London.

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