Events & News - Apr 19

Events of Interest to CSGA

Meeting / Anne Arundel Agriculture, Farming and Agritourism Commission

April 19, 8:30 AM - Anne Arundel Economic Development Corporation, Annapolis

Rally for a Safety Study / We are Cove Point

April 19, Noon - Governor's Mansion, Annapolis

Gubernatorial Candidates Forum / Maryland League of Conservation Voters

April 19, 6:30 PM - Peabody Heights Brewery, Baltimore

Food Chains / Prince Georges's County Department of the Environment

April 20, Noon - Prince Georges's County Department of the Environment, Largo

Culture, Climate and Change / Eastern Shore Land Conservancy

April 21, 9 AM - Washington College, Chestertown

Earth Day / Baltimore Green Forum

April 22, 4 PM - Maryland Presbyterian Church, Towson

Meeting / Maryland Commission on Climate Change

April 24, 1 PM - Maryland Department of the Environment, Baltimore

Rally for a Safety Study / We are Cove Point

April 26, Noon - Governor's Mansion, Annapolis

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Still Boosting Northeast Economies, Study Says | Bostonomix

The nearly decade-old carbon-trading scheme limits greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel-fired power plants in New England, New York, Maryland, and Delaware.

How we are fighting for community solar in Maryland! | Solar United Neighbors

Two years ago, the Maryland General Assembly passed the Community Solar Pilot Program. Since then, Solar United Neighbors has worked to educate Marylanders and advocate for the zoning laws needed to ensure that a thoughtful community solar program can thrive here in Maryland.

A scientist's reflection on coal and coral - Baltimore Sun

Marching with the horde of physicists, economists, biologists and others during the March for Science last year, I knew I could not work for a president who attacks the very foundations of knowledge. So I left the EPA behind, but I held on to my appreciation for nature.

With massive expansion under way, Virginia becoming a leader in solar energy field |

A record-breaking project for Microsoft highlighted a growing embrace of the renewable energy's potential in the Old Dominion.

Can Dirt Save the Earth? - The New York Times

Agriculture could pull carbon out of the air and into the soil — but it would mean a whole new way of thinking about how to tend the land.

A new power plant in the NJ Meadowlands to light up NYC? |

Local officials say the plant could be an economic boon. Environmentalists say it could stall efforts to expand renewable energy in New Jersey.

New Jersey Takes a Big Step Toward Renewable Energy (and Nuclear Gets Help, for Now) - The New York Times

Bills passed in Trenton set a goal of 50 percent renewables by 2030, one of the biggest policy steps by any state toward cutting greenhouse gases since President Trump was elected.

Shipping to halve carbon footprint by 2050 under first sector-wide climate strategy | Climate Home News

Countries adopted a compromise emissions target at the International Maritime Organization on Friday, with further battles to come over how to put it into practice

Our Energy Mix Is Rocking Like It’s 1990…and That’s a Problem for Our Climate | Center for Strategic and International Studies

1990: The Year That Was

The State of Global Coal | Center for Global Sustainability

The world is running out of time to dramatically reduce emissions to stabilize climate, and one of the biggest contributors, and potential reduction opportunities, is the massive amount of existing and planned coal-fired electric power capacity.

Canada’s Struggling to Build Oil Pipelines, and That’s Starting to Hurt the Industry | InsideClimate News

Protests by Canada’s First Nations and opposition from British Columbia have put another planned tar sands pipeline, Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain, in jeopardy.

What Will It Take to Keep Up With Shale Gas Boom? $170 Billion - Bloomberg

Bottlenecks on the U.S. natural gas super highway are starting to stack up, raising concerns about whether infrastructure can be built fast enough to meet surging supplies.

Empty Promise: US Bank Continues Pipeline Finance | Oil Change International

Since committing not to finance the construction of oil and gas pipelines in 2017, US Bank has raised more than USD 2 billion for pipeline companies.

How the science of persuasion could change the politics of climate change - MIT Technology Review

Conservatives have to make the case to conservatives, and a growing number of them are.

Acceptance of climate science can reach saturation | Ars Technica

Telling people what scientists think makes conservative states look liberal.

Warming climate to nearly double demand for cooling appliances | The Guardian

Researchers predict energy use for air conditioners and refrigeration to jump 90% on 2017 levels.

Energy Secretary Rick Perry voices doubt on utility's plea to save coal and nuclear | Washington Examiner

Energy Secretary Rick Perry voiced doubt Monday that he would approve a plea by a Ohio utility to save its coal and nuclear power plants.

EPA issues first license key to climate-friendly coal plants | Washington Examiner

The Environmental Protection Agency approved the first license for a technology that is key to making coal-fired power plants more environmentally friendly.

After Carbon Capture, Conversion Offers New Energy Possibilities - Nexus Media

Like many researchers, Phil De Luna finds inspiration in nature — in this case, the way plants use photosynthesis to make food from carbon dioxide, water and sunlight.

Nuclear Closures Undo Years’ Worth of Climate Progress | Third Way

Arizona clean-energy ballot measure could close Palo Verde nuclear plant | azcentral

APS says the country's largest nuclear plant and overall power producer is threatened by a clean-energy initiative.

Opinion | Earth, Wind and Liars - The New York Times

On energy, Trump and company are trying to stop technological progress.

Climate mayors aren’t doing enough to cut down on cars - Curbed

U.S. cities still aren’t doing enough to address the elephant in the atmosphere: the inextricable link between our cars and climate change.

A Bold, Divisive Plan to Wean Californians From Cars - The New York Times

Legislation would allow more home building along transit routes to reduce gas-guzzling commutes. Some who support the goal have denounced the method.

Baltimore Utility Deploys Heavy-Duty Electric Shuttle Buses - NGT News

Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE), a subsidiary of Exelon Corp. and Maryland's largest natural gas and electric utility, will deploy two new 40-foot Proterra Catalyst E2 battery-electric buses to shuttle employees between BGE's headquarters in downtown Baltimore and its Spring Gardens campus in south Baltimore.