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Event & News September 20

CSGA Events

Thursday, September 20, 7 PM

Annapolis Friends Meeting House

Thursday September 27, 7 PM

Annapolis Friends Meeting House

Events of Interest to CSGA

Tell MDE: Reduce BRESCO's Air Pollution / Chesapeake Climate Action Network

Sep 21, 9 AM - Maryland Department of the Environment, Baltimore

Annapolis Bike Day / The City of Annapolis

Sep 22, 10 AM - Annapolis

2018 Maryland Solar Congress / Solar United Neighbors of Maryland

Sep 23, 10 AM - University of Maryland, Baltimore County University Center, Baltimore

News, Information, and Opinion of Interest to CSGA

Washington and other urban areas have “heat islands” — places with a lot of concrete and few trees.

El Niño could bring heavier rains to the Gulf Coast in the years ahead.

History buffs can't put old buildings in front of practical solutions to flooding.

The findings from the study, the first of its kind in the suburbs, were released last week.

Now that Mountain Valley Pipeline workers are back at work, so are pipeline protestors.

West Virginia needs to be open to economic change, particularly when it comes to renewable energy, an energy company official said at a business gathering Wednesday.

Particularly among Trump voters.

On the surface, the proposed EPA 'transparency rule' sounds harmless, even open-minded, doesn’t it? After all, transparency is an important principle of good science. But, the truth is, President Trump and his band of climate changers, has pulled a fast one. Here’s why.

We continue to hope crises don’t occur, and we pretend they’re not inevitable.

Built on an old Annapolis landfill, a new facility with 55,000 solar panels is one of the largest solar projects in the country, generating enough energy to power 2,500 homes, officials say.

Dana Nuccitelli: Kavanaugh thinks Congress should address climate change. That’s true, but it doesn’t lessen EPA’s authority.

Gov. Jerry Brown has repeatedly ratcheted up California’s global warming goals, setting ever-higher targets for the use of renewable power and demanding deeper cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. But on Monday, Brown announced a climate goal so ambitious that many experts don’t know how to reach it. As diplomats descended on San Francisco for a global climate conference, Brown signed an executive order calling for the state to slash its overall emissions to zero by 2045 and then go negative. Starting in 2046, California would pull more carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, year-by-year, than it put in.

Impact of Climate Change on Hurricane Florence September 2018

Hundreds of activists snarled commute-heavy traffic, picketed or simply sat in yoga poses outside the Parc 55 hotel in San Francisco’s clogged downtown Market Street area Monday morning, the first weekday leg of what promises to be a rocky series of protests against this week’s Global Climate Action Summit. Monday’s main goal was to deliver an open letter to Gov. Jerry Brown’s Climate and Forest Task Force, demanding that local and indigenous protest representatives be given a seat at the table. They were partially successful: About 10 of them were allowed inside the hotel, where the task force was meeting, to read the missive out loud.

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that the world is facing “a direct existential threat” from climate change.

Briefing sent to editorial staff on global warming says ‘you do not need a denier to balance the debate’.

The installations allow anyone in the area to access clean energy.

The Environmental Protection Agency released a proposal Tuesday that relaxes requirements for how energy companies monitor and repair methane leaks, rolling back an Obama-era regulation.

Rep. Carlos Curbelo, a leading Republican advocate of government action to stem climate change, criticized the Trump administration on Tuesday for proposing to roll back Obama-era regulations targeting methane leaks from oil and gas drillers and fracking operations.

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