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Personal Energy Decision Points: Choose An Electric Car

Before you* buy a car during this traditional time of year and make a purchase that will have emissions and environmental consequences for the next two decades (until finally scrapped after multiple owners), please at least consider what is available now in clean renewable energy Electric Vehicles (EVs). [*At least those of you that have a place to park at home (or work) and an electrical outlet to plug into.] Full size production EVs have been available now for six years and with over 30 models now on the market in 2016 as well as over 5 years of EVs on the used market (most having come off-lease and been well maintained), there is probably a model to meet almost every need (under $25k new, under $7k used). Consider what the resale value of a big gas car bought today might be in only 6 years. The average EV's are now better, faster, cleaner, and cheaper to buy, cheaper to drive and cheaper to maintain than the average gas car for the application they do best which is daily local travel and commuting. There are even models (plug-in hybrids like the Chevy Volt) that not only have full local plugin electric range, but also have a gas engine for long trips too. Our cars are typically 1/3rd of our carbon emissions footprint, and are the second largest financial energy decision we make every few years. The argument for individual action to combat our climate change concerns is so compelling, that I wanted to share it before you make your next car purchase. For more information see:

The opinions expressed in this blog entry are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the view of the Climate Stewards of Greater Annapolis.

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